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Importers of Machine Tools & Parts

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New or refurbished

Importers of Machine Tools & Parts

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We are your Engineering partner, specializing in spares, tooling and consumables. We supply, install, commission and maintain capital equipment

Thank you for visiting the Metal Chip Machinery website. We are a company with over twenty five years management experience in the engineering field specializing in spares, tooling and consumables. We supply, install, commission and maintain capital equipment and provide the spares and consumables necessary to ensure that your asset need not stand idle. Operating in the new or refurbished market segment we would like to contact you in order to discuss your specific requirements.

We Import and Supply New Machines and Parts from our High Quality Agencies:

The focus of our international team is on research and development, sales and marketing.In addition to the direct market support of European customers, the goal is the continuous development of press technology and the development and expansion of an attractive range of services and services.

The modern processing plant of Dali has the widest range of advanced processing equipment, which makes the main parts of Dali machine products very high. With such integrated processing system, the company can control the parts accurately. Quality and precision, this is the specific action of Da Limai to comprehensive quality assurance.

The individual challenges and opportunities in your industry are essential for the success of your business. Whether it’s locksmith’s shops, rolling mills, shipyard, bridge or machine construction, steel trading or construction, furniture or automotive industries, our experts know your business and the challenges you have to face every day.

The Fontijne Grotnes Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative processes, manufacturing equipment and related services. Products: processes for the metalforming, wheel- and pipe industry, (semi) automatic tire and wheel assembly, canning & spinning equipment, laboratory platen presses


Gerardi designs and manufactures new solutions in the clamping of workpieces and toll holders for milling, drilling and finishing operations

Our main topic is professional sawing and deburring – highly economic and reliable systems and modules for your prefabrication.

Components and assemblies for oil-hydraulic applications. Königdorn® clamping tools – high precision clamping mandrels and chucks

We have a wide range bench-marking paradigm in the area of precision appliance, auto parts, kitchen hardware, electronics, smart home industry.

ARLA® Machining Units consist of several high-precision components: slide & table units,spindle units and multi-axis units. An important application is the endworking of shafts, pipes and tubes in connection with ARLA’s workholding fixtures.

UniPunch tooling is a simple way to enjoy faster factory throughput. UniPunch tooling is a fast, easy way to punch holes in a variety of different materials, including custom products designed to fit your application.

Production of automatic transfer machines and flexible systems for the metalworking industry and the installation and support of our products conforms to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

40 years experience in manufacturing belt grinding machines

Surface grinding, Weld seam preparation,  Welded edges and corners, Large surface grinding,  Special machines and Used Machines

Supplier of Optimized Sheet Metal Fabrication Solution
With A Long-Term Trusted Partner. Punching Tools, Bending Tools, Stamping Tools and Accessories

Deep Hole Drilling Machines

The Piranha ironworker is the most versatile, produces highest quality parts and is easiest to use.

Punch, form, drill, tap and plasma-cut in one operation. Grow profits and improve efficiency.

Manufacturer of clamping and workholding products

Buffalo Machinery locates in the central Taiwan —Taichung City where is renowned for its vital communication position of the Asia-Pacific region. Buffalo Machinery is a global provider of metal working machines.

From Shearing Machines, Hydraulic Press Brakes, Folding and Rolling Machines to Lock forming and Auto bandsaw machines

Automated Storage / Retrieval System

Wilson Tool provides a wide range of tool solutions for Additive, Tableting, Stamping, Bending and Punching.

Textile machinery, Machine tools,Sheet Metal Machinery, Automated systems, Clean FA systems, Communication equipment

High quality raw materials and continuous professional research are the values that since 1970 have been inspiring Eurostamp tooling to design and produce the best tooling for press brake machines

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